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Badminton competition notice
Published:09/19/2012     Views:2381


One, game time: September 22, 2012 ( Saturday ) morning 9:30.

In two, the venue: rock opposite the substation, elite badminton hall.

Three, the contestants listed in annex, annex of the colleagues in time to, if there are special circumstances can not participate in please inform in advance.

In four, men’s and women’s singles competition process

( a ) events: men and women were grouped to form single for badminton and badminton group.

( two) the rules of the game: according to annex " the latest badminton rules "

( three) the number of entries: male group plans to participating personnel 23, women’s groups organizing team members 14. ( a specific number of optic applications pending)

( four): Men’s and women’s singles competition process to a process of elimination, team race to the integral system

First round: 16 teams qualify tournament contestants in terms of the number of the 12 group, to produce the first 12 strong, the other 12 players then draw 4 group play produced 4 players to enter the top 16, with 3 2 win 21 points.

Second round: 8 strong elimination series 16 strong players draw was divided into 8 groups the knockout round of 8. The 3 Bureau 2 win 21 points

Third: 1/4 final 8 finalists play-off 4 strong. The 3 Bureau 2 win 21 points

Round of fourth: 1/2 final 4 finalists play-off finals. The 3 Bureau 2 win 21 points

The fifth round winner won the final championship finals, losing party runner-up. The 3 Bureau 2 win 21 points

The three or four final winning side win the third. The 3 Bureau 2 win 21 points