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Shenzhen Bureau Zi [2012] No. 60 Annex 1 recent investors concerned about the hot 50 asked
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In order to further enhance the understanding of the majority of investors in the capital market reform and development, and the correct understanding of the concerns in the market, the ability to protect themselves to improve the standard of services and investors, and nurture a healthy market of Ecology and investment culture in early SFC leadership speech and Investor Protection Bureau on the basis of answers to investors, assembler finishing "recent investors concerned about the hot 50 asked" for your reference.

1, how capital markets play a role in promoting the process of transformation of economic development in China, and what opportunities and challenges?

A: capital markets as an important platform to optimize the allocation of resources, to guide social savings into effective investment, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading an irreplaceable role. The experience of developed countries shows that the capital market plays a critical role in promoting national economic restructuring and the development of strategic emerging industries process. Over the past 30 years the world’s four most important emerging industries - computers, communications, Internet, and biopharmaceutical are found through the capital market and promote grew up, the future success of China’s economic restructuring requires the support and promotion of a strong capital market.

Speed up the transformation of economic development requirements of China’s capital market is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges.

China’s economic industrialization and urbanization, information and marketization are in a period of rapid advance. This is not only for the development of the capital market has laid a solid foundation, also put a higher demand for the securities and futures industry. China’s capital market is very young, there are many immature, also full of exuberant vitality, and has broad prospects.

The same time, China’s stock market to reflect the real economy, the existence of many disjointed phenomenon, but the process from the medium-and long-term point of view, the basic trend of consistent, otherwise can not explain why we, in 20 years time, be able to establish the scale of the highest in the world stocks, bonds, and futures markets.

As a latecomer to the emerging market economies, China’s capital market is not perfect. Most prominent manifestations of two aspects: First, the market is volatile, especially over the past few years, the year-end closing price of the Shanghai Composite Index, for example, rose 130% in 2006, up 97% in 2007, down 65% in 2008, 2009 rebound by about 80% in the last two years, the market has dropped significantly; market structure does not reflect the quality products at higher prices, in many cases the opposite, which means that the efficiency of resource allocation is serious damage, the state, society and the interests of investors are adversely affected. These issues will be resolved through further reform of the capital market system more healthy and smooth interaction of the capital markets and the real economy.


2, how to treat the Government to reduce the target value of the economic growth to 7%?

A: "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" to determine the average annual growth rate of 7%, reduce the policy targets, is balanced more. Most economists had no doubt that China will remain one of the most development potential of economies.

Over the past three decades, China’s economy maintained a rapid growth, but the speed is not equal to all, the structure and efficiency, environmental protection, security is also important. From a global point of view, our existence to accelerate industrial upgrading, the urgent need to change the development mode. Moderate economic slowdown, is to implement the scientific concept of development, the implementation of the results of macro-control, and is conducive to the sustained and healthy development.